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Momma Daughters Dog – Animal Sex Novel By Tim O. Forrest

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Description: Momma & Daughter’s Dog
by Tim O. Forrest

The dog stood very, very still. Laura guessed that he had done this with his mistress before, and that he really enjoyed it and had learned that the best way of being sure of getting this pleasure was to be very obedient and well behaved.

Suddenly, a sort of shock seemed to run through the animal, and then he started barking very loudly. The look of ecstasy on Linda’s face told Laura that the dog was coming, and so was his mistress.


This story speaks of the forbidden sex between humans and animals. Such sexual behavior is somewhat uncommon, but really not all that rare. The sexual revolution that began in earnest in the mid 1960s and which continues in full swing today has brought with it a tidal wave of new insight into all sexual matters, common and uncommon.

One does not have to approve or condone such sexual practices as mate swapping, sadomasochistic behavior, sex between mature men and women and children, bestiality and one hundred and one other bizarre sexual acts, to realize that they are being practiced.

We live in a very complex emotional and sensual society. Things were not meant to be so complex, but human emotions, of which sexual drives are among the very strongest, have made it that way.

In all areas of expression, the arts, recreation and in the academic fields, modern man and woman is seeking greater self-expression. The sexual revolution has opened the flood gates for greater sexual awareness and sexual gratification.

What was once taboo is now considered quite normal-witness the type of magazines and books that are available on every street corner in this land. The motion picture screen now explores sexual and violent subjects once considered unthinkable for mass market distribution. Even the good old "boob tube" has seen some startling changes during the mid 1970s.

True, television is still riddled with censorship, far more burdened than magazines, movies or books, yet the censorship of 1977 is of a lesser restriction than that of only a few seasons back.

The written word was first to be liberated by daring, freedom-loving writers, editors, publishers, distributors and book sellers. To them goes a lion’s share of the credit in the eventual liberation of magazines, films and ultimately the home television screen.

We will not argue with well-meaning and dedicated psychologists who inform us that with new freedom comes new responsibility. It must be realized nothing comes totally free. A price has been paid in the past and must be paid in the future as well. Man can only utilize as much freedom as he is prepared to take responsibility for.

On the other hand, in practice as well as theory, it would seem to be the responsibility of the government never to infringe upon the individual’s self expression and thirst for more knowledge. Unfortunately, this has not been the case even here in the "Land of the free."

It is important to bring all of man’s pursuits, including his strong sexual drives, out into the open. In both a real-life case history study as well as through the medium of adult fiction, we are able to look objectively at a certain behavior trend, regardless of how disliked or even revolting it may appear to the general masses.

In this book, MOMMA & DAUGHTER’S DOG, we are illustrating through fiction such unnatural and bizarre sexual appetites. Here is a most unique mother and daughter relationship, and a sexual relation that includes "man’s best friend," the dog. The "man’s best friend" label actually doesn’t really fit human being’s most popular house pet. It could be argued that more women than men are attached to our canine friends. In large cities, as well as small towns across America, frightened women who have recently been raped, had their purse snatched or their home or apartment broken into, have turned to a trusty dog-usually a large one-for inhuman protection.

Sexual relationships between women and dogs are not too uncommon. Proof of such sexual behavior dates back to the time of the Roman

Empire, and chances are it goes back even further. It should be clearly stated here that history has thus far never recorded any society that fully condoned these human/animal relationships. On the contrary, only child molesting, extreme sadomasochistic behavior and some of the unearthly sexual behaviors have been found more contemptible.

Nevertheless, this sexual practice continues and may even be wider spread today than ever before.

For that matter, let us not condemn or prejudge, or condone. Let us simply observe. Let’s discover why a woman or a man would turn to an animal for sexual gratification. In all probability then answers must come from those scholars deeply involved in the human behavioral sciences.

Still, every layman has the right to form his own conclusions.

It is hoped that this book, and others in our fictionalized sexual behavior series will cast still another ray of light on man’s primitive desires.

On the surface, these books may appear to be published only for the adult reader’s enjoyment and certainly that is our primary goal.

Beyond enjoyment, each book in this series does bring with it a new understanding of our human sexual realities, fantasies and powerful sexual desires.

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