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Pets And Teen Lovers – Animal Sex Novel By Rod Martin

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Description: Pets And Teen Lovers
by Rod Martin


Sexual attitudes and behaviorism are in constant change, and continually require revision, and research. One such act is the sexual relationship between pre-teen girls and animals. Years ago, the bestiality practiced by pre-teens was confined to rural areas. Farm girls had the opportunity to engage in various sexual acts with a variety of animals. The sexual outlet for the urban pre-teen remained self-stimulation, or masturbation accompanied by erotic fantasies. A recent study undertaken by the Institute of Human Factors in Santa Barbara, California revealed a dramatic rise in the number of pre-teen girls from large, metropolitan areas who are turning to animals for a sexual outlet They prefer the act of bestiality to that of masturbation.

Many parents unwittingly initiate the idea of animal sex in their young daughter. Giving the girl a toy dog as a gift, the girl, in many cases, becomes sexually attracted to the toy. Most parents in our Western culture still don’t recognize pre-teen sexuality. They associate sex with much older girls. They refuse to discuss or even believe the fact that pre-teen girls experience sexual desires, and often will seek gratification with any object that is convenient. In many instances, they will masturbate with their toy animal. This form of masturbation is accomplished by rubbing, or pressing the head of the toy against the vulva. The experience may become so gratifying that the girl will actually seek out a real dog and repeat the masturbatory experience. Her parents would be mortified to know they were the cause for the daughter’s animalistic tendencies. But contemporary psychologists believe the girl would be behaving in a purely rational way. In their opinion, the understanding of sex, and its many practices can’t come too early in life The sexually repressed individual is more-likely to grow into the sexually neurotic person. Sexual freedom, the psychologists insist, is everyone’s right and heritage. And for girls, it should commence during the pre-teen period.

Writing in Heterosexual Relationships, the world-renowned psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis states, "… human sexual behavior is learned. It is learned in the context of certain cultural values supported by particular societies. Sex behavior in human beings can never be free in the sense that freedom is popularly defined. Scientifically, in man’s behavior is always related to his ability to make a choice among limited alternatives. In this sense, some societies, as we see them, are freer than others but all societies control the sexual behavior of their members…."

The conditions that Dr. Ellis states are no longer quite true. Throughout the sexual revolution which began in the late 1960s and is still continuing today, individuals are seeking their own sexual, self identity. They refuse to be told that certain sexual practices are not condoned by society. The emergence of national swing clubs is one proof of this fact. And this desire to establish one’s self identity is beginning earlier in life. Pre-teen girls, today, are sexually aware individuals. They want to discover their own needs. And to their credit, they aren’t afraid to experiment. Many such girls are experimenting with animals and making no secret of this activity.

This book is a record of four such girls, in their pre-teen years, who are insisting in establishing their own sexual identity by experimenting with animals. They refuse to make a secret of their activities. They had no compunction to freely relate their experiences to an analyst who found them mentally adjusted, and strong spirits.

In each case, the pre-teen girl is permitted to relate her experiences in her own, natural language which contains keys to her motivations. No effort on the part of the analyst is made to approve, condone or moralize about pre-teen bestial activity. All such activity, however, is related to universally accepted, psychological concepts.

The reader must draw his own conclusions. But one conclusion that everyone must arrive at is the climate in which the pre-teen girl-animals sex acts occurred. A decade ago, the acts would have gone undetected because a great deal of social shame was attached to them. Today, in the midst of the American sexual revolution, even pre-teen girls are insisting on their rights of self-identity. The earlier they start finding themselves, the better, they claim.

Few psychologists will quarrel with such a healthy attitude.

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