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The Dog Did Aunt Sally – ZooSex Novel By David Crane

200216511 0095 bn the dog did aunt sally   zoosex novel by david crane - The Dog Did Aunt Sally - ZooSex Novel By David Crane

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File Name: 0095 BN The Dog Did Aunt Sally – ZooSex Novel By David Crane
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Description: The Dog Did Aunt Sally
By David Crane


"Hi, Aunt Sally!" Debby called.

Debby had just come out of the house, wearing a tiny bikini and heading for the pool at the back. Aunt Sally had just parked her car at the curb and was coming up the front walk. Sally lived in a different town and this was her first visit to her sister’s home in nearly a year and now she smiled as she remarked on how nubile and sexy her teenaged niece had become since she’d seen her last.

Debby had been a skinny kid.

Now she was anything but–as her skimpy black bikini clearly revealed.

Debby had curly blonde hair which she wore sort of tousled, giving the impression that she had just tumbled out of bed and was all set to be tumbled right back in. She had big blue eyes that looked innocent, yet sultry at the same time–a sort of innocence ready to be soiled. Her mouth was wide and full and sensual, her cheekbones high and almost exotic, her facial expressions saucy.

Her tits were plump, swelling heavily in the tiny bikini halter which barely covered her nipples and exposed her deep unblemished cleavage.

She had long, shapely legs and a trim, pert ass. The bottom of her bikini was only a wisp of cloth, a black triangle drawn tightly across her flat belly and molded to her hips and firm little ass-cheeks.

Aunt Sally gazed at the girl appreciatively and in more than the normal way an aunt should do. She could see a little curl of pubic hair coiling out from the leghole of the girl’s bikini, where the crotchband was dragged up into the vee of her groin. Aunt Sally wondered if Debby was still a virgin–and, too, if she had ever fooled around with any of her girlfriends, the way a lot of girls–Sally included–did in their teenaged years. It was natural for Sally to speculate on such interesting musings–and her tongue slid slowly, unconsciously, across her slightly parted lips.

Sally was a very sexy lady herself, dressed in a light cotton sundress that clung enticingly to all her generous, hourglass figure. Her waist was narrow, her tits large and her hips broad.

Debby rose onto her tiptoes and gave her aunt an affectionate kiss on the lips. She had always liked Aunt Sally and they were good friends but Debby had been just a kid before, and now she was a sex kitten and Sally had to subdue a sudden, incestuous urge to shove her tongue into the girl’s sensual mouth in a more than affectionate fashion.

"Mom’s expecting you–I’m gonna have a swim," Debby said, turning away.

As she strolled off, her hips swinging, Sally stared at her delightful little ass and grinned, feeling a bit sheepish about her own desires.

She felt a bit horny, too.

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