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The Pet Swappers – ZooSex Novel By Gretchen Wilcox

200216517 0100 bn the pet swappers   zoosex novel by gretchen wilcox - The Pet Swappers - ZooSex Novel By Gretchen Wilcox

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File Name: 0100 BN The Pet Swappers – ZooSex Novel By Gretchen Wilcox
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Description: The Pet Swappers
by Gretchen Wilcox


In the work following, authoress Gretchen Wilcox has put together a piece of fiction so close to the real life activities of many suburban American housewives that noted psychologists and sociologists have taken to recommending her work as required reading for numerous academic aspirants.

Piecing together this fact-thinly-disguised-as-fiction was no easy task. Miss Wilcox spent weeks and months doing legwork up and down the California coast, with special attention to those lush, expensively tended human preserves in the vicinity of Big Sur, where famous sexologist and author, Henry Miller, also has a home. While initially skeptical, Miss Wilcox found that all of the delicately whispered grapevine tales she had garnered previous to undertaking her task, proved to be far more true than anyone has as yet documented.

Did this dismay her? Not necessarily. She has explained to us that the current preoccupation of many housewives with the German shepherd as a sexual partner has sound demographic and social reasoning behind it. There is, for example, no chance of expensive offspring to further burden our already over populated planet. Then too, the German shepherd is not a jealous lover. He takes his pleasure when and as he sees fit and then is content to return the mistress to her husband.

He is discreet. No word of her indiscretion will pass his canine lips. Nor is suspicion likely to be aroused in even the most jealous of husbands. Indeed, those women who have had lengthy and passionate love affairs with the animal claim that in every respect their liaison has led to an improved familial and conjugal relationship in the home. Little wonder that they seek out these canine affairs to the exclusion of all others.

But let the author speak for herself. She is well capable of doing so. In fact rarely has a manuscript of urgent social importance come our way that needed so little assistance and attention on the part of the publisher. We submit it to the verdict of history.

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