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Wandas Big Dog – ZooSex Novel By Jane Tanner

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File Name: 0107 BN Wandas Big Dog – ZooSex Novel By Jane Tanner
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Description: anda’s Big Dog
By Jane Tanner


As anyone well knows, a witness to cold-blooded murder is in deadly peril of meeting with the same gruesome fate so long as the killer or killers in question remain at large. This is especially so if the wanted men happen to have been hardened criminals to begin with.

To the warped thinking of a criminal mind, one more murder means little or nothing; and it is the one sure way to silence forever a witness whose testimony might result in imprisonment or execution for the crime he has committed.

Abduction, heinous assault and violent death: This is the fear that a witness to murder must daily face until the killer who threatens the witness’ life is captured and put behind bars. The danger is very real. It is the reason for protective custody of material witnesses by the police.

However, for one reason or another, not all material witnesses can or will accept protective custody. Wanda Douglas, the comely blonde divorcee who is the heroine of Wanda’s Big Dog, did not accept protective custody even though an abortive attempt had already been made upon her life by the two men-a stocky Mexican and a tall, wild-eyed Negro-that she’d seen then heard murdering Mr. Osgood, one of the guests staying at the motel Wanda managed.

Nothing would’ve made Wanda feel better than to be locked up safe and snug at police headquarters, but it was a luxury she could ill afford. She had a job, her fourteen-year-old daughter and her widowed brother’s son Larry, a handsome youth of sixteen, to look after, and her personal responsibilities came first.

The story begins peacefully enough, and quite erotically, too, with Wanda yielding to the amorous licking of a collie dog she is pet-sitting for a motel guest. The dog laps avidly at the blonde crotch of the sex-starved divorcee, bringing Wanda to the verge of orgasm, but her bestial bliss is interrupted by a young couple wanting a room.

It is after she has delivered a baby bed to the newly arrived guests that Wanda witnesses the murder and is very nearly murdered herself between the time she calls the police and their arrival on the scene, their sirens having sent the killers fleeing.

The investigating detective is a fortyish widower named Hal Kincaid. He and Wanda take one look at each other and sexual electricity begins to crackle. The detective performs his duties, and offers Wanda protective custody. When she declines, he promises to give her as much police protection as is possible under the circumstances.

With the policemen gone, her daughter sleeping over at a girl friend’s and her nephew out with his pals, the shaken-up young woman re-enters her living quarters to find the collie still hot for her curvaceous body. The threat of death makes life seem fragile and dear to Wanda, and in her confused, excited condition, she gives in to the horny dog.

As luck would have it, her nephew returns early and catches Wanda having intercourse with the big dog. Larry takes advantage of the situation and, over her shame-laden protests, drags the dog off his comely aunt and proceeds to ball her, himself.

Once Wanda gets started with her nephew-she and Larry were dangerously close to committing incest anyway-she can’t help continuing. Though she knows it’s dreadfully wrong, she becomes the handsome lad’s willing fellatrice and gives him more ass, too.

Detective Kincaid, who gets off duty at eleven p.m., offers to sleep at Wanda’s until the killers are arrested, saying her danger is greatest between midnight and dawn and that he will protect her. Some protection. Knowing she is strongly attracted to him he hints enticingly of love and marriage-the very things Wanda longs for-and the very next morning after her kids go off to school, the horny devil is feeding her cock and then screwing her soundly.

That night Hal Kincaid doesn’t show up, which makes Wanda think she’s been had. But the killers do show up, and only then does the defenseless beauty begin to learn how thoroughly a woman can be degraded when the two evil men set on slaying her pause long enough to vent their perverted lust upon her helplessly bound body.

The Negro and Mexican turn poor Wanda every way but loose before, while the Mexican is sodomizing her, the Negro loops her nylon stocking around her neck and begins strangling her in order to provide his friend with the exquisite pleasure of having her anus grab spastically at his rod while Wanda is consumed with the convulsive throes of death.

Jane Tanner has spun an unusually fine tale of lust and intrigue, and we will not spoil it for you by revealing any more of the plot at this time. You will have to read the book to learn the outcome.

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